The station is a mixture of presenter led shows and non stop back to back music. Why not head over to our Station playlist page where you can see a list of all the songs on our current playlist, and can hear a short sample of any song that has been played out over the past seven days. Contact details for the Artists can be found on out Artists Directory Page

We are always open for the submission of new music of any genre to be played on the station.

Please  submit  in mp3 or Wav format if possible along with a picture and a short bio.

Please e mail all submissions to



The Jessy Yasmeen releases new single "Come Dance" I take the listener on a (world) trip and thereby introduce them to South American rhythms combined with an indie vibe".

The new single from He Life entitled I Wanna Find You is released on 25th June

The new single from Red Stone Dog is now available on Spotify



The group are led by the distinctive vocals of Molly Anne and blend elements of folk, country, roots and bluegrass to achieve their signature sound.

Molly Anne has a fantastic way of bringing nature and the elements into her original sound, with that blend of genres all coming together to create that earthy sound.


 Rock filtered through a southern style. Heavy and somber at times, light and joyful at other times. Always a sense of soul and originality shining through. Red Iris is always Red Iris- people always know once they get a taste of us .Far from enough room to list them all, but a short list would include Hendrix, Pantera, Zeppelin, Audioslave, Corrosion of Conformity, Soundgarden, Down, Lynryrd Skynryd, Allman Brothers, and this needs to be kept in mind: We don't try to imitate anyone else. We make our own music, our own way.


Coming up the old-fashioned way – with a thousand word-of-mouth shows blazing her reputation across the planet – Shay’s first decade has seen four wins at the San Diego Music Awards, a nomination at last year’s prestigious Blues Music Awards and the tag of “future blues icon” bestowed by Blues Matters! magazine. 
But having signed to Ruf last year, Shay is set to paint the world red in 2020.  Her new album Stand Up! sees the singer let the good vibes flow. 
 “Being a strong, independent woman, raised by my single mother and grandmother, many of the songs on this album deal with themes of equality and female empowerment,” she says. 
Whether it’s raucous or wracked with pain, every note on Stand Up! is real. And whether you play this record at top volume – or catch these tunes live when Shay and her band take Stand Up! out on the road 

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You can hear many of the songs from the station playlist on our Spotify playlist. Click the logo to go to there.

If you would like to request a song from our playlist then e mail the station and we will move that song to the top of the playlist. If you would like to suggest a song not on the station playlist, let us know and we will add the song to the list.

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If you would like to submit your music for inclusion on our playlist

If you have an artist or band you would like to suggest to the station.

If you have any comments or nice new features you want us to implement on the station or website.

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