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Prospect Radio is an internet based radio station  broadcasting  from studios in South East 

 London The station is a mixture of non-stop  back to back music played out on rotation, and specialised presenter led shows . We take  submissions from new and unsigned indie  artists.

.Click on our  How to Submit page  for details.  Unlike some internet radio stations ,we do not ask for listener donations  to keep us on air, and we are, and will remain, totally advert free.  But more importantly we never ask for any payment from  the artists we play or promote.  

The station can be heard via our website , and can be found on all the major radio directory  apps.

Website: -

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Facebook Followers 2,919   Likes 1,790

X  Followers  22,700

Instagram  Followers  2,780

Correct as at 14th December  2023

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A Selection of New tracks added to the playlist

When submitting your songs, we are inviting all artists to include a short promo to be tagged onto the start of their track stating your name, the title of the song, and that it is playing out on Prospect Radio.  No problem if you don't we still play your song.

Please e mail all submissions to

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Shows on the station

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Each Sunday at Midday we play out the Top 20 tracks as voted for by our Listeners . Please use the voting form to vote for up to three of your favourite tracks from our playlist 


You can check on the latest Top 20 Poll Chart   HERE

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JW Paris, the 90’s grunge, alt-rock, Britpop-inspired three-piece featuring Gemma Clarke, Danny Collins and Aaron Forde, 

release the latest single, You’ve Got Me on 5th October. 

"You've Got Me" doesn't just expose toxic personal relationships; it exposes the grip of algorithms, unravels the seductive hold of social media.

Through haunting melodies and emotionally charged vocals, the song becomes a mirror reflecting the intertwined nature of human connection and digital immersion.

October New Music Releases

The Passing Sages are a vibrant pop band from Fife, Scotland. Packed with memorable melodies, funky rhythms and rich harmonies. Their music blends electronic pop with retro and nostalgic sounds, taking inspiration from artists such as CHIC, ABBA and Lady Gaga. New single 'Agata' will be released 13/10/23
at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms. Agata” tells the story of a positive force that chooses someone when they are feeling down or low in confidence and, with electric energy, puts them into a euphoric mood. The writer leaves the identity of “Agata” purposely ambiguous and open to the listener's own interpretation. Oozing early 80s Motown and Disco flavours, “Agata” is the perfect example of what The Passing Sages do best, blending electronic pop with retro vibrations to create a truly unique and distinctive sound."

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If you enjoy music from the 1950's through to the 1990's then why not give our sister station a listen at

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If you would like to submit your music for inclusion on our playlist

If you have an artist or band you would like to suggest to the station.

If you have any comments or nice new features you want us to implement on the station or website.

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