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Prospect Radio is an internet based radio station launched in June 2020 from studios in South East 

 London The station is a mixture of non-stop  back to back music played out on rotation, and specialised presenter led shows . We actively encourage submissions from new and unsigned indie  artists.

Submissions to be made via mp3 or wav file labelled correctly to the station e-mail  address  Unlike some internet radio stations ,we do not ask for listener donations  to keep us on air, and we are, and will remain, totally advert free.  But more importantly we never ask for any payment from  the artists we play or promote.  

The station can be heard via our website , and can be found on all the major radio directory  apps , including the Get Me Radio App , which allows the station to be listened to via Apple TV , Fire TV , Roku TV , and Alexa and Google Home devices.

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We are always open for the submission of new music of any genre to be played on the station.

Please  submit  in mp3 or Wav format if possible along with a picture and a short bio.

Please e mail all submissions to

When submitting your songs, we are inviting all artists to include a short promo to be tagged onto the start of their track stating your name, the title of the song, and that it is playing out on Prospect Radio.  No problem if you don't we still play your song.

Please e mail all submissions to

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We receive many country music tracks and these prove popular with our listeners. Of course not all make it onto our main playlist, so we have set up a stand alone  Country Music station for those that would like to listen . Just click on the arrow on the player to the left.

Please e mail all submissions to

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Each Sunday at Midday we play out the Top 20 tracks as voted for by our Listeners . Please use the voting form to vote for up to three of your favourite tracks from our playlist 


You can check on the latest Top 20 Poll Chart   HERE


A big thank you to the Rundown New Music Chart for producing this video. Please check them out on Twitter at @ProjectRundown and linktree

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Tell Us A Bit About The Band

We’re The Crom. We’re a 4 piece Indie/Alternative band from Perth in
Scotland. We formed in late 2019 and the band members are, Alan
Sweeney – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesiser and songwriter. Joel
Robertson – Lead guitar, vocals and keyboards. Frankie Sweeney – Bass
guitar and vocals and Lee Fitzpatrick – Drums, percussion and vocals.

How Long Have You Been Making Music ?

We’ve all been in various bands. Sometimes with each other. But I’ve

personally been making music since 1997.

How Would You Describe Your Style of Music ?
We’re very much a guitar based, Indie band. We all love The Beatles and
all the guitar bands they inspired. We try to come up with catchy hooks,
powerful choruses and most importantly, nice melodies. We also work
really hard on our four way harmonies.

Where Are You Based ?
We’re based in Perth, Scotland.

Who or What Are Your Biggest Musical Influences ?
 Without a shadow of a doubt, The Beatles and John Lennon.

Are you signed to a label  or independent ?
We’re currently unsigned so if any record labels follow Prospect Radio,
then come and make us an offer haha

What have been the Biggest challenges to date ?
I think the biggest challenge for any new artist is getting yourself out
there. It’s easier to release music and social media is brilliant but finding
the right set of ears, the right outlet can be challenging. That’s why I
think internet radio is king right now and you guys at Prospect Radio are
brilliant at giving people like us a platform.

How many songs or albums have you released to date ?
We’ve released one album, Right On Cue. Released on the 6th of
November 2021 and we released our first single from our soon to be
recorded second album, Silver Spoon on the 10th of May this year.

Tell us a few things about your latest release?
Silver Spoon saw the introduction of synthesisers alongside our usual
overdriven guitars. The song is about the very clear class divide that
seems to be ever more prevalent than ever before.

Links to your latest music
All of our music is available on all the major streaming platforms.
Spotify, Apple music etc. Just search for The Crom on your preferred

What have you got coming up in the near future?
We’re proud to say that on Tuesday (19th July), we won a Scotland wide
battle of the bands competition. The contest took place at the
legendary music venue, The Twa Tams in Perth and had been running
since the beginning of April. So it’s a massive deal for us to win such a
prestigious competition. As well as playing all over Scotland, our album,
Right On Cue is in the running for Scottish Album of the Year and we’re

playing our first summer festival (The Craigie Hill Festival) on the 10 th of
September. We’re also going to start recording our second album any
time now so it’s a busy time for us.

How can people get in contact with you?
 If anybody wants to get in touch, look us up on Facebook,

Twitter or you can email us at



Are you a  band or a singer looking for new songs? We have been contacted by a songwriter who feels that his voice is not strong enough to do his music justice, and is looking for musicians to collaborate with. Contact the station for his contact details.


Soprano and genre-defying singer Angela Hench has teamed up with vocalist Gregory Markel for a moving tribute to Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabellé by releasing their rendition of Barcelona. Hench is anything but a traditional opera singer. Although classically trained at a Waldorf School as a child, Angela takes her influences from contemporary larger than life pop culture figures like Lizzo and RuPaul. The result is HER unique mix of operatic power and magnetic charisma. Filling in for Mercury on the track is rock power vocalist Gregory Markel, best known for his work as front man for 90s Prog Rock band Altered State. 

11 - Some Velvet ... ng_Rough Seas_Front Cover.jpg

Since Some Velvet Morning launched themselves onto the music scene in the mid 2000’s, they have delivered a series of solid, catchy rock songs over three radio play-listed albums: Silence Will Kill You, Allies and Musical Chairs. Their single How to Start a Revolution garnered international attention when it was used in the trailer for the Mathew Vaughn Blockbuster Kick-Ass. They have continued to build an eclectic series of film and TV placements for their music including Renault MeganeHaig Club WhiskyPull & Bear and The Grand Tour. 2020 saw the release of Kat and the Band, a full-length feature, starring Ella Hunt and Dougie Poynter from McFly, for which they wrote the soundtrack.

Their latest album ‘Rough Seas’ sees a reunion with Coldplay producer Rik Simpson


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Big Stir Records announces the much-anticipated return of LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS, back for 2022 with their new album HANDCLAPS & TAMBOURINES. The record, featuring the lead single “Ghost Singer”, sees release October 14 on CD at record stores worldwide and streaming everywhere, with pre-order options live now at and all major online retailers. It's the followup to their breakout debut album LONG OVERDUE and delivers all the hooks, melodies, spiraling guitars and rhythmic charge that everybody loved from that album.

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If you would like to request a song from our playlist then e mail the station and we will move that song to the top of the playlist. If you would like to suggest a song not on the station playlist, let us know and we will add the song to the list.

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If you enjoy music from the 1950's through to the 1990's then why not give our sister station a listen at


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