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An amazing artist that has a great personality and whos music has a mystical and eary flavour that will transport your mind to far away places.
Soricah is an Irish/Mauritian musical artist and producer. Having been brought up in Ireland, Africa, Mauritius and London, her music is very much influenced by her rich upbringing, and the music and people she has been exposed to.
Her sound is unique, not tied to one genre, taking the melodies of Ireland and the Soul of Africa, to produce some truly original and captivating music. Soricah has gigged on the London and Irish circuit as a solo artist, and is a former member of the band “Rebekah Met Sarah” who have performed with acts such as The Palma Violets.
As a solo musician, she has supported Internationally renowned cellist Jo Quail, and has been a frequent collaborator with members of The Artist Community of Studio 180 and the rich artistic warehouse scene of East London. She has also been featured on a wide variety of different artistic projects and her collaborations and solo projects have been aired on BBC Radio, 2fm and a variety of Irish and International radio stations.
What a pleasure to have on the show and no doubt we will be seeing and hearing alot more of Soricah in the near future.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to broadcast the interview and their music


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The Official Launch for Art of Underthinking the brand new Album  by Marina Lecomber takes place on the 29th July 2021 at The Servant Jazz Quarters 10A Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN . Prospect Radio is proud to be one of the  radio stations supporting this event.

Hosted by Success Express it promises to be a great evening of entertainment.

Click to Book Your Ticket


Make sure you check out the brand new single from Marina entitled Signs of a Winter released on the 7th June 2021, and currently playing out as part of the Prospect Radio  pre launch playlist . For more details of this and the Launch Party  visit her official website


Independent Cambridge-based singer-songwriter Steve McGrady is releasing a solo single. The song is based on the experiences of a friend of Steve’s who suffered from domestic violence and, like so many people in that situation, found it difficult to tell anyone partly because very often the victim blames themselves for the situation.

"'Hard to Escape’ is about the difficulty that victims of violence have in escaping from their situation.  The lyrics are fairly dark and direct but, ultimately, it is a song of hope.  If you're suffering with a violent partner, physically, mentally or both, it's important to understand that there are people and organisations who can provide an escape route and a safe refuge.” 

All proceeds from the single are being donated to Refuge.



Irish alternative-rock trio Ugly Beautiful are set to release a new single “Sunrise,” along with an animated music video. 

The guitar-driven track is dynamic and engaging while also melodic and emotional. It is rhythmic and riffy, with thoughtful lyrics.

“The song tells the story of two people trying to help each other through this relentless, confusing, distracting world in which we live.” It’s a conversation - one person caught in their own thoughts, the other trying to help them get out of it. The chorus is a reminder to live in the moment - to acknowledge what’s happening right now in the present. 

Ugly Beautiful’s sound blends alternative rock with hints of grunge and indie, and features intuitive songwriting and thoughtful production. The band employs collaborative songwriting between Kieran Lane (lead vocals and guitar), Falender (drums) and Galagher

Drawing on pop, R&B, hip hop, and experimental genres, Korean-American singer/songwriter/producer NOLO GRACE, has crafted her own signature form of dreamy electronic alt-pop. She makes her debut with “Wake Up” featuring Sean Kingston – out now. In the first week alone "Wake Up" has been streamed over 40,000 times on Spotify and is now supported on retail radio nationwide.

"Wake Up” is about having the courage to leave something behind that you know isn’t right for you and trusting it will all work out. I spent so much of my life chasing a phantom idea of success that was never my own, burning myself out working 100-hour weeks for dreams that weren’t my own, and believing that if I pushed myself hard, I would one day achieve success and be happy. What I’ve learned through my journey of personal growth is that miracles can happen when you live and act from a place of love and openness...and let go of ego and insecurity. The opportunity to collaborate with Sean Kingston is a case in point. To have such a legend featured on my song is a dream come true, and it all happened so effortlessly and organically. – NOLO GRACE

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A Scottish nurse and a French musician meet by chance to write a song for a radio contest 

June 2021: 

Their first common EP is about to be released! 

‘The Silent Sea EP’ showcases a true team at work, each song being co-written by Iona James and Clint Slate to encapsulate all their influences and embark the listener on a unique and personal journey. 

It will be released on http://clintslate.bandcamp.comJune 7 alongside a special EP of raw mixes called ‘The Naked Sea’ then it will be out on every other platform on June 21. 

Every song will air as a single/video every 2 weeks starting with ‘No Way Out’ on May 24. 


Aquarian Age, the debut EP from Ritual Salvation, created by Lexxi Vonne is a four-track compilation featuring an array of emotive frequencies that are seamlessly represented through each individual cut. 

This experiential multi-genre EP features the incredible vocals of Sofi Mari, who delves into this genre of music for the first time, since making waves on the Drum & Bass circuit.

Aquarian Age is an aptly named opening track as it conceptualises the compassionate and more humanitarian ‘Age Of Aquarius’. The track features a glitchy, yet upbeat undertone to highlight togetherness, beauty and individuality. Sofi Mari vocalises this feeling perfectly and translates the experience of living in another world beautifully.

The follow-up track on the EP comes in the form of Learn to Unlearn. This track is a remix of Barbarella’s Bang Bang latest single which features the original and heavy bass guitar riff, full of groove and vocals. This track is a verbal portrayal of reform from old to new and highlights certain societal issues and beliefs through the ages. As the track unfolds, more of the distinct guitar riffs are evident as they are added to a well-balanced drum loop and catchy synth sequences. This incredibly well-layered production incorporates the groove of a classic house base with an indie twist.

The EP takes a pleasant turn with its third installment. Fluffy Tones shifts the tone dynamic as it delves into the more ‘dream like’ state of consciousness. The track has been produced as a response to a darker breakbeat track ‘Forgiveness’ (Release date TBC on Ritual Salvation). This upbeat track cleverly maintains an edgy and dark subliminal message hidden in the depths of its euphoria as it continues its flow and acoustical journey of emotional states.

Fruit Punch is the final chapter of this incredibly well-balanced EP. Co-written with Aston Harvey from ‘The Freestylers’ ends this release compilation on a wonderfully positive note. 

A hugely upbeat piano loop, enhanced with elements of soul and jazz rolls through an incredibly infectious bassline that portrays the hope we feel for the summer to come. This inspirational production closes the Aquarian Age EP as the shining light at the end of the tunnel.


Finnish pop quartet The Bablers consists of incurable Anglophiles. They have been around since the late 70s and have been keeping the Merseybeat and power pop flags flying in a three separate eras - as a bunch of bratty teenagers who loved New Wave nearly as much as The Beatles, a short-lived comeback in 1998 when they were big in Japan for awhile, and the current third reincarnation. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Arto Tamminen the new album Psychadilly Circus is a journey to the past when the sound of Swinging London ruled the airwaves.


Los Angeles-based, French-American group Yard Of Blondes explode on their debut album, Feed The Moon.

The band’s collection of songs demonstrate years of hard graft and sound perfecting with some of the best guitar tones I’ve heard all year. The group shows themselves to be confident in song-writing structures and have an essence for creating exciting build-ups in the majority of these tracks.

Feed The Moon takes a lot of influence from stoner rock, hard rock and alt rock with acts such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Placebo and vocally, Nine Inch Nails all playing key roles in shaping the band’s sound.

“Feed The Moon by Yard of Blondes is an absolutely massive work of hard alternative rock, and shouldn't be missed. The compositions are surprisingly intricate, the lyrics are deeper than normal, and the production is absolutely immaculate. This could be one of the big indie rock hits of 2021.” —Eric Jones, Round magazine

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