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The Magnetic North’s latest album titled, “REMEDY” is  being released on August 14th, 2020.

For further information on the Group and how you can listen and purchase please go to

Leah Sohotra takes us on an entrancing folk journey with ‘Mountain Song’, off her debut album breaded crickets. Reminiscent of Appalachian and Irish Folk, Sohotra’s ethereal voice is carried by a diverse array of instruments, including harmonium, bouzouki and double bass from multi-instrumentalist Martin Leahy. Visit her facebook page for full details of how to buy and listen.

Steady Rollin’s remarkable journey from the tiny Central American republic of El Salvador to the music pages and radio waves of America, Europe and beyond continues, with the anthemic and never-more appropriate single, I Feel Alive. It reinforces Steady Rollin’s reputation as a rock band who ooze authenticity and class, rejecting studio trickery and playing their tracks in the live tradition of bands like Cream and The Who. Facebook:

Released on 4th September, Deeper is Jody & the Jerms debut album and they have teamed up with the charity, Duty to Care  to ensure 20% of each sale goes directly to help their cause.


Théa Marie is the London-based Franco-American singer-songwriter who is combining the sounds of all three countries in her forthcoming debut album, 'Then', which is preceded by the ultra-catchy indie pop of lead single, 'Start of Us'. Having played shows Europe whilst also gaining radio play across the continent and playing support for the likes of The Dunwells, Théa has built an infectious 8 track selection of dreamy indie-pop go soul tunes that will surely see her propelled to the next level! Facebook:

Chris Lewington, the Kent-based musician and composer, has released his second album entitled, Riverside, twelve tracks drawing deeply upon the classic singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s but imbued with his own idiosyncratic style. Riverside is Chris’ second solo venture, having previously led The Silence and The Bicycle Thieves, achieving mainstream and cult success along the way. Website:

Reflections is the new CD from Nigel Philip Davies and is an eclectic collections of songs recorded down the Lockdown of 2020.The themes run from the ones of Love, Nostalgia and The City of Berlin through to The Siege of the Warsaw ghetto in 1941.

Expected release: September 13, 2020     Website :

GEOFF CARNE & the RAW ROX BAND ‘Big Town’ Album 

Geoff's early influences from his teens came from the Endland's North-East in the form of Paul Rodgers Free/Bad Company and the early David Coverdale's Whitesnake.

Following a number of years as a songwriter/performer across various music genre's Geoff returned to his British Rock roots (with a Blues influence) in 2014. and he has now teamed up with  North London's 'Raw Rox Band' on the f 'Big Town' Album 

Visit for full details of how you can obtain this album

The group are led by the distinctive vocals of Molly Anne and blend elements of folk, country, roots and bluegrass to achieve their signature sound.

Molly Anne has a fantastic way of bringing nature and the elements into her original sound, with that blend of genres all coming together to create that earthy sound.

Former Bass/Lead Vocals Eddy Sill (Originally from Pittsburgh, PA) of the infamous Los Angeles band "The Mutts" has suddenly stumbled upon a few other "fellow fun-seekers" to surprisingly form this frolicking band with California twang in the heart of Santa Monica, CA. The Popravinas specialize in extremely catchy songs and follow through with melody after melody. John Adair (Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Vocals (Originally from Albany, NY), Dean Lyons (Rhythm Guitar, Back up Vocals) and David Rodgers (Drums) comprise "The Popravinas!" The "funnest" party you ever went to---The party after the party! That would quickly describe "The Popravinas" who are known to combine lyrics & sounds that are reminiscent of The Replacements, evolving guitar nuances in the vein of The Rolling Stones, and interesting touches of artists such as Whiskeytown, Wilco & The Old 97's. When you mix it all come out with "The Popravinas." Already known for their fun live shows..... The band has recently released their third CD "Willy Nilly" which is quickly becoming an international ear-shaker on many radio (and internet radio) programs.

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