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Prospect Radio is an internet based radio station launched in June 2020 from studios in South East 

 London The station is a mixture of non-stop  back to back music played out on rotation, and specialised presenter led shows . We actively encourage submissions from new and unsigned indie  artists.

Submissions to be made via mp3 or wav file labelled correctly to the station e-mail  address  Unlike some internet radio stations ,we do not ask for listener donations  to keep us on air, and we are, and will remain, totally advert free.  But more importantly we never ask for any payment from  the artists we play or promote.  

The station can be heard via our website , and can be found on all the major radio directory  apps.

Website: -

E Mail :-

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Facebook Followers 2,747   Likes 1,602

Twitter  Followers 19,600

Instagram  Followers  2,776

All figures correct as at 31st  May 2023


We are always open for the submission of new music of any genre to be played on the station.

Please  submit  in mp3 or Wav format if possible along with a picture and a short bio.

Please e mail all submissions to  Make sure you name your file  "Artist name - Song Title" this will ensure we know what it is when we download it. Please include your  EPK (Electronic Press Kit), or if you do not have one please  include links to your social media accounts  so we can promote  on our socials. Please do not send 'links' to Spotify etc as we can't download 'Links'   We do not charge you for playing your music nor do we accept commercial advertising.  .Therefore we do not and can not pay royalties for any music we play. Consequently we can only accept tracks from the originators and copyright holders and their representatives and by submitting your tracks you confirm that you are the copyright holder  or have permission from the copyright holders and you agree these terms.

When submitting your songs, we are inviting all artists to include a short promo to be tagged onto the start of their track stating your name, the title of the song, and that it is playing out on Prospect Radio.  No problem if you don't we still play your song.

Please e mail all submissions to

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We receive many country music tracks and these prove popular with our listeners. Of course not all make it onto our main playlist, so we have set up a stand alone  Country Music station for those that would like to listen . Just click on the arrow on the player to the left.

Please e mail all submissions to

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Each Sunday at Midday we play out the Top 20 tracks as voted for by our Listeners . Please use the voting form to vote for up to three of your favourite tracks from our playlist 


You can check on the latest Top 20 Poll Chart   HERE

Zoe Maza

The liberian/german singer and songwriter Zoe Mazah is writing soul-infused reggae songs of big and small emotions close to her thoughts and feels. Lyrics to uplift and touch the heart. Fat beats, pumping basslines and the sweet skanks of reggae guitars seducing and inviting to daydream and relax. Zoe Mazah mixes her African and European heritage with Roots-Reggae vibes and powerful sounds of Nu-Soul and Dub. Her latest Album  was released on the 14th April.

How Long Have You Been Making Music ?
I started to play the piano at the age of 3 and somehow I felt very early that music is more to me than just a hobby. It’s my way to express my emotions and thoughts.
How Would You Describe Your Style of Music ?
Well my kind of Roots Reggae for sure mixes many of the influences I was exposed to in my life from Jazz Soul to even classical music. But my heart beats for Reggae.
Where Are You Based ?
I was born in Bong Mines/ Liberia but my home base is in Munich Germany now.
Who or What Are Your Biggest Musical Influences ?
Somehow it feel like the biggest musical influences I had have been all the old vinyls my father used to play. From Soul Gospel music to The Beatles and Harry Belafonte. When I discovered Reggae it was Peter Tosh and of course Bob Marley before I started to venture out and tried to find out about other artists.
Are you signed to a label  or independent ?
I am a fully independent working artist
What have been the Biggest challenges to date ?
Probably the biggest challenge to me was to keep writing and composing when I had children. Because to be a mother occupies so much of your time thoughts and dedication that it’s hard to keep up practicing daily and I was missing the daily writing a lot. I really learned what I means to be disciplined with my time and focus. I know many working moms can relate to this feeling of making time for what I really important to you and sacrifice even your sleep for it. I have so much respect and love for all this working moms out there!
IHow many songs or albums have you released to date ?
Songs I don’t know because there have been many collabs and singles but Higher Vibration is my fourth studio album
Tell us a few things about your latest release?
The creating process of Higher Vibration has been very special to me cause I have never been free in the production process like this before. The cooperation with Rocksteady Fred and Louie Melody has been outstanding we became deeply connected and like a magical music triangle from Sweden to Germany and Portugal. These guys are incredibly talented and also they gave me the space to fully spread my wings lyrically and songwriter wise. I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work with both of them
Links to your latest music
What have you got coming up in the near future?
I will definitely play across Europe with my band this summer and maybe also going back to California for some show
How can people get in contact with you?
People can link me up through my social media.


Are you a  band or a singer looking for new songs? We have been contacted by a songwriter who feels that his voice is not strong enough to do his music justice, and is looking for musicians to collaborate with. Contact the station for his contact details.


JoyWire is, and always has been, Leroy Bocchieri. Though his creative lifewas nurtured under the sober glare of the Midwest in the late 70ʼs and early80ʼs, reacting to punk, Disco, thereʼs a vast scope within the material. Hisgenre is all his own. It is music of long shadows, high hopes, channeledfrustration, feverish passions, and sweetly disturbing poignancy. It is pop androck, blues and dance, soul-ish with scrappy pop.

Photo by Jason Bridges.jpeg

Marseille are a young rock n roll band formed in late 2021 in Derby, England. The band consists of Will Brown, Joe Labram, Lennon Hall, Tom Spray and most recently Felix Moxey. The 90's Madchester scene and the 60's Merseybeat is where Marseille draw most their influences from.

In 2022, Marseille had successes with the singles "Forget It All" which was played on Soccer Am and the 9 minute monster "The Jungle". Over that summer, the band also performed at the Y-Not and Isle Of Wight Festivals.

Already in 2023 the band have completed a successful 10 date UK Tour selling out venues and are continually building their fan base.

Find Marseille on social media: 





10 - BX - Love Minus 80 (Artwork 3000x3000).jpg

Bunny X is a synth-pop band based in New York City. 

Bunny X was first conceived on a cold winter day in December 2008. After singing and performing with a number of bands in NYC, founding member Abigail Ferguson, who grew up on a steady diet of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, decided it was time to start writing some original material.

Love Minus 80, explores a darker and more introspective side of Bunny X. Love Minus 80 is a concept-driven collection of songs that were inspired by a number of science fiction/fantasy novels, films and television shows, many of which were published or released in the 1970s and 1980s.



The If you would like to be considered for our Artist of the month or for our Album of the month please  e mail the station on

If you prefer to watch as well as listen to the music  then check out the Stations YouTube channel.

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You can hear a selection  of the the latest songs from the station playlist on our Spotify playlist. Listen now

Or you can listen to the latest Top 20 Countdown here

If you would like to request a song from our playlist then e mail the station and we will move that song to the top of the playlist. If you would like to suggest a song not on the station playlist, let us know and we will add the song to the list.

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