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The Innocents  band from Leicester has a unique take on rock music. They push the boundaries on what should and could become of rock music. Lead singer Andy Wardle packs a punch with his vocals that has a resemblance to Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and his band Steven James Fowler (Guitar/Vocals), Lee Gibson (Drums) and Dave Tillyard (Bass Guitar) have a knack at cracking out songs at rocket speed.
These guys are grounded and know how to have fun and a laugh. I've never had so may bloopers to edit out, but they have a way of lifting your spirits.
Their songs "I Come Alive" and "Fools Gold" have a similarity to the opening riffs of a James Bond movie and I can picture these guys performing a soundtrack to Bond Movie.
You can find The Innocents on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and their website and you can follow them on

Bryan Robinson + Carousel

Cloudy Clouds+ One Night

Hellz + We Want Rock

Yakul + North South

John Byrne  + Everone's A Villian

Jon Scott - A Beautiful Country

Killing Kenny +  These Streets

Lesleeallan Songs + Fly

Kaz Belinski + Love Never Dies

Kinstrife + Bombs

Kristof Buntinx - Pussycat

Mode 55+ Mirage


Yard Of Blondes is back with a new single!

Along with labels DIE LAUGHING RECORDS (U.S.A.) and GOLDEN ROBOTS RECORDS (Australia), the band will unveil the 3rd single of their upcoming album on October 16, 2020 : « Do U need more? »


Moods Swings is a Vinyl album,  by J.R. Wilbur and the vocal talents of four female lead singers named Sharon DiFronzo, Mara Bettencourt, Robin Hardy-Groce, and Karen Ranieri. The songs vary widely genre-wise and are reminiscent of female singers of the 60s, 70s and 80’s. The genres include Country Novelty, Country and Jazzy ballads, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Blues. The album is currently only available in vinyl format but a CD and or digital downloads will be considered if there is enough interest generated to justify this. You can hear song-samples at 


Please help the Group raise money for people across the globe who are affected by Covid-19.  Whilst lockdown restrictions are gradually easing in the UK, there are communities across the globe who are still at severe risk.  For £1.50 you can buy an uplifting song AND raise money at the same time! And of course, you can donate more than the cost of the song if you’d like to. In order to keep production costs down we have decided not to produce a physical CD at this time.  The song can be streamed via the Bandcamp app or you can download it as a music file to play at your leisure.  The song is available at :

ROB BRIDGE is a singer/songwriter based in the UK, but his music shows influences from as far away as New Jersey and Nashville, although Rob states his main influence as The Beatles. It was on hearing John Lennon’s throat tearing rendition of Twist and Shout that Rob decided being in a band was his destiny.Through the 80’s and 90’s, Rob toured the UK and Europe as a working musician. With Preston band ‘The Cavern’, he performed some prestigious shows including huge arena shows in East Berlin pre unification and a Live on BBC Radio One show aboard the Royal Iris Ferry in Liverpool.

It was while appearing at festival dates in the USA that Rob started to write a song that would trigger the idea to produce a solo album of original material. Rob always wrote songs and drew inspiration from artist’s such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams along with classic American bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Eagles. His debut single True Romance is released on the 25th September.

Portacle is an alternative jazz / fusion band from London/Brighton playing original tunes as well as the occasional cover, uniquely arranged.  
Whilst the core of the band is a trio, Portacle are always keen on collaborating with other musicians in the UK and abroad for both live performances and recordings. and
Portacle’s debut EP contains 4 new songs and is to be released in 2020.Their upcoming release ‘Placeholder Buddha,’ the lead single from their mixtape, showcases Portacle’s
commitment to forge an exciting new path in Jazz fusion music and also features the talents of
guitarist Alex Rosenhof and vocalists Ann-Lucile André and Roselie Niclasson.     Twitter @portaclemusic

 Check out the brand new song from India Dupriez "How". Its available to view on the Station Youtube playlist now , and available to download now on Apple Music and Spotify. For full details about India and her music go to

 Dean Miller the son of the late great Roger Miller has released his latest album 1965. the sound and feel of 1965 is a little rough, sometimes a little raucous — deliberately so. “I wanted this to sound like musicians who get together and make songs. It’s a response to the sterilization of music in our drum-loop society. Of course it’s hard to make a record just sitting in a room with everybody playing, but I didn’t want it to sound smooth. It was more important to me that we sound organic.”

Leah Sohotra takes us on an entrancing folk journey with ‘Mountain Song’, off her debut album breaded crickets. Reminiscent of Appalachian and Irish Folk, Sohotra’s ethereal voice is carried by a diverse array of instruments, including harmonium, bouzouki and double bass from multi-instrumentalist Martin Leahy. Visit her facebook page for full details of how to buy and listen.

Steady Rollin’s remarkable journey from the tiny Central American republic of El Salvador to the music pages and radio waves of America, Europe and beyond continues, with the anthemic and never-more appropriate single, I Feel Alive. It reinforces Steady Rollin’s reputation as a rock band who ooze authenticity and class, rejecting studio trickery and playing their tracks in the live tradition of bands like Cream and The Who. Facebook:

Corrie Shelley is a singer-songwriter from Lancashire, UK . Corrie  is a talented singer song-writer delivering assured and eminently listenable music.As a folk singer/songwriter, her songs take us on a journey of random thoughts. Corrie explains  "Each Song appears like a movie in my head of a story that I must tell, whether it be sad, factual or happy"

When you first listen to Caity Krone, you’ll notice the juxtaposition of intimacy and power that exists in her vocal performances. Then you will probably notice the tone of her lyrics, equal parts sharp and tender. This Los Angeles native has a talent well beyond her years.
 Caity’s love of music took off after she fell in love with the panoramic and deeply personal storytelling of her Laurel Canyon predecessors Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Stevie Nicks. At fifteen she began to write her own songs, combining her love of earnest folk, timeless pop melodies and the consistency of classic rock records. Taking these influences and blending them with her own love of modern pop music there’s a real class to the songs Krone writes, but with a modern perspective and feel. 

The If you would like to be considered for our Artist of the month or for our Album of the month please  e mail the station on

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