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Prospect Radio is an internet based radio station launched in June 2020 from studios in South East 

 London The station is a mixture of non-stop  back to back music played out on rotation, and specialised presenter led shows . We actively encourage submissions from new and unsigned indie  artists.

Submissions to be made via mp3 or wav file labelled correctly to the station e-mail  address  Unlike some internet radio stations ,we do not ask for listener donations  to keep us on air, and we are, and will remain, totally advert free.  But more importantly we never ask for any payment from  the artists we play or promote.  

The station can be heard via our website , and can be found on all the major radio directory  apps , including the Get Me Radio App , which allows the station to be listened to via Apple TV , Fire TV , Roku TV , and Alexa and Google Home devices.

Website: -

E Mail :-

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We are always open for the submission of new music of any genre to be played on the station.

Please  submit  in mp3 or Wav format if possible along with a picture and a short bio.

Please e mail all submissions to

When submitting your songs, we are inviting all artists to include a short promo to be tagged onto the start of their track stating your name, the title of the song, and that it is playing out on Prospect Radio.  No problem if you don't we still play your song.

Please e mail all submissions to

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We receive many country music tracks and these prove popular with our listeners. Of course not all make it onto our main playlist, so we have set up a stand alone  Country Music station for those that would like to listen . Just click on the arrow on the player to the left.

Please e mail all submissions to

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Each Sunday at Midday we play out the Top 20 tracks as voted for by our Listeners . Please use the voting form to vote for up to three of your favourite tracks from our playlist 


You can check on the latest Top 20 Poll Chart   HERE

The Top 20 for week commencing the 8th May 2022

Watch the Top 20 Listener's Poll rundown for this week, including  our Number One song Big Love by The Eves. Make sure you vote for your favourites every week by clicking on the voting form above. 


A big thank you to the Rundown New Music Chart for producing this video. Please check them out on Twitter at @ProjectRundown and linktree

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A musician, singer, songwriter, pianist and arranger with nearly 50 years in the music industry.

He is an amazing artist with an amazing life story that has travelled around America gigging all spectrums of genre.

An artist that has been compared to Elton John, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach and Billy Joel. An artist that puts theatre in every performance and every song that he writes.

A very charasmatic guy who is fun and easy to listen to. Sit back and imagine you are in your favourite theatre as Jerry takes you on a journey and tells his story.

**Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their interview and their music**

Listen Mondays 10.00 am Wednesdays 10.00 pm  & Saturdays 3.00 pm


                   ✌️😊 Stage Door Magazine is out April 6th.

The  very first magazine from @stagedoorpress 🎶🎵🎤❤️ is out now and features Prospect 
Radio.  It contains Music, fashion, lifestyle & brand directories for a list of trusted and recommended resources within the global indie network. (Helpful for newbies in music looking to get started and we want them to know there is a lot of trusty support out there)

Click here to read the magazine


Catherine Elms unleashes a riot of emotion in her debut studio single, ‘Frustrations’, released on Friday 8th April 2022 via all major digital streaming and download platforms. 

In ‘Frustrations’, Catherine sees a world of injustice and inequality, and vents against those with the power to make change who refuse to do so. She calls for us to resist the urge to give up or turn our anger inwards, and instead work together to build a better world. We keep fighting but nothing changes until those in power join us in the fight. This song is a call to arms–come join us: together, we could be a revelation.


Silver Owls while a new band its members are well known to the music scene in Ireland & further afield with John ‘Haggis’ vox, percussion and Eddie Butt, guitars and bass. Both are founding members of Irish indie stalwarts ‘Emperor of Ice Cream’. John has also released music with Speckled Doves, Band of Clouds and Gammy Origami while Eddie is also a member of dark wave favourites Arctic Lights.

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Animal’ consists of a diverse set of songs that include the soulful and anthemic ‘Right About Ready’ and first single ‘Look Back Smiling’, which evoke the ‘80s yet exude a timeless quality, the highly atmospheric ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Prisoner Of My Past’, which both channel late period Roxy Music, the laid-back ‘60s dream pop vibe of ‘Humans’, plus a memorable title song that adds an electronic bounce to its subtle groove.

 Of the single, Dunlop states: “I wrote it as a message of sorts for my son. In these weird pandemic years I had noticed him retreating into himself. He’d missed out on most of his first year at school and bypassed an important year of making those first connections with would be friends. It set my head off in a direction of wanting him to grab life by the horns and be as much of a kid as possible before the real trials and tribulations of life seeped in. In a time when it was hard to be a normal kid, I was desperate for his young sense of wonder and childlike fearlessness to rule his heart. When I was young I couldn’t wait to grow up, and now I'm older I'd give anything to go back and be a kid again.”


The If you would like to be considered for our Artist of the month or for our Album of the month please  e mail the station on

If you prefer to watch as well as listen to the music  then check out the Stations YouTube channel.

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You can hear a selection  of the the latest songs from the station playlist on our Spotify playlist. Listen now

Or you can listen to the latest Top 20 Countdown here

If you would like to request a song from our playlist then e mail the station and we will move that song to the top of the playlist. If you would like to suggest a song not on the station playlist, let us know and we will add the song to the list.

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If you enjoy music from the 1950's through to the 1990's then why not give our sister station a listen at


If you would like to submit your music for inclusion on our playlist

If you have an artist or band you would like to suggest to the station.

If you have any comments or nice new features you want us to implement on the station or website.

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