Jim Garrett brings you the best new music around. 

Playing the best of indie to pop, rock to dance The Sound Lab showcases them all.

Weekly features include face-to-face interviews from gigs and festivals plus some over the phone. 

There’s a weekly remix and the last track from a brand-new album. Jim is frequently out and about to report from many festivals and interview some incredible bands, all of which you hear on the show. 

Tune in every week for more great music and more great interviews and hey, you may find your next favourite song!

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The WOLF Country HOT20, the weekly  one hour Countdown of the 20 HOTTEST country songs on the planet at this moment presented by Ferry de Wolf. Ferry is a successful DJ and Producer based in Belgium.


The weekly Lynda Law Radio Show brings you funk, soulful house, jazz, groove and modern soul.  Lynda likes  promoting new talent to the music industry by air-play and also by Vlogs and review work.


Presented by Neil Clark who chats  with unsigned singers, songwriters, composers and musicians, taking a journey through their life of music, what inspires them and to hear three of their favourite tracks*.
*Explicit permission has been granted by all the artists to play their music.


The Country Mile, hosted by Dave Watkins, features new release music from mainly independent artists and its all about the traditional sound of Country music. So you get Honky Tonk, Outlaw, Western, Bluegrass, Ameripolitan and more. The thirst for that fantastic authentic sound is growing all the time, so this one hour show is the best way to find amazing music if you are after the real thing!

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 The Changing Faces Radio Show is all about different mixes every week. Rather than sticking with one genre, they are  mixing it up and changing the styles in every 

episode. They will give something different every week to showcase great music from artists across the globe. This is a radio show that will feel like a radio station.

 Dance music is changing, and we are changing with it. Just as the style changes  so do the presenters which currently are DJ Dan Singh,  Warren Vino, Sam Turner and A.M.B.

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Indie Network is a team of music industry professionals and music lovers dedicated to discovering and showcasing the finest independent music on Official Indie Network Radio Show!

Our goal is to provide the best platform for independent artists to be heard, and for listeners to find amazing new music. We feature over 100 new artists/bands every month - subscribe and follow us to be the first to hear them!

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The show where we count down the Top 20 most popular songs on the station as voted by our listeners. See the website Home page for details of how you can vote


A fun way to discover new music releases and unsigned artists/band with JJ Kane and Quite Great PR


The show highlights not only the very latest releases from a wealth of musicians based across the world, both established and emerging, but also weaves in some great classics that you just might not have heard in a long time.

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Aaron & Jim, two crazy brothers are cookin' and servin' up only the tastiest tracks from around the world. Hosted by Aaron and produced by Jim, together, these guys have over 50 years of rock radio experience, as they been at it since they were old enough to reach their parent's music collection! Grab a plate and a cold drink -- and sit back and feast upon their musical buffet.  But be warned -- after grubbin down at New Music Food Truck, yer gonna need loosen your playlist!  

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The Independent Music Show does exactly what it says on the tin…plays the Independent Music of artists and writers from all over the world.

The Independent Music Show features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the listener, would like to hear. Sure you will hear some mainstream music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who’s on big budget production and who isn’t….because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the mainstream.

From me Tom Lambert…To you the listener…Sit back, Relax and Enjoy!!!

The Best Independent Music there is on the Planet.



The Me Myself and I Show’ , presented by Vimal Korpal  features new sounds, new music and new voices, with  a sprinkling of good humour .A variety of music sourced locally as well as from around the world – whether that’s indie, hip-hop, dance, folk, country or electric.



The Deuce Show is a one hour radio show presented by Matt Barker and features bands and artists promoted by Deuce. 

DEUCE has been establishing itself as being one of the leading companies in the music industry to offer services to independent bands and artists worldwide.  

 With a growing reputation of being at the forefront of the best new music on the scene, and with its idyllically placed office in London, we aim to ensure bands and artists are offered ways and means to get their music heard by a wider audience.


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Presented by  Matt Rhodes Whip of cords,is your  Source for Hardcore, & Alternative music! Featuring Artists such as, Skillet, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Manafest, P.O.D.,Ledger, RED, 12 Stones, Fit For A King, August Burns Red, & many more!

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The New Artist Spotlight is a collective of artists and spotify listeners that bring you a new playlist that allows you to discover and stream new talent! From Hip/Hop to Jazz, Rock and Roll to pop! This playlist has it all. The Ed Eagle New Artist Spotlight Playlist brings you new sounds for you to relax or work out to. Each week the artists vote for their Top 20 and founder of the collective ED Eagles plays them out on the NAS Weekly Top 20


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