5 Star Hooker - Anything Goes

7 Days in Alaska - Hurts Like Bullets

8Snake - Charon

10 Volt - Big Shot

21 Grams - Vampire Kiss

21 Minions - Savages

30 Empire - Way To Go

88/89 - Valentine

A Fitting Revenge - The Collapse

Aaron Dingus - Everything's Just Peachy

Aaron Dingus - Nice & Easy

A Band Called Paul - Slow Train

Abi Mia - Enough is Enough

Abi Mia - Here To Stay

Adam Daniels - Born In The Dark

Ade Wilding - Without Love

Adnama - Pissed In The Disco

Adrian John Szozda - For So Long

Afternoon People - Corner of My Eye

Aidrian T Bell - Back in Town

Airport Impressions - Walk With Me

Aittala - They Live

Alan Grierson - Otherside

Alba Sister

Alba - Child of the Stars

Aldo Buzzi - Weeeeeeeeee

Alessiah - Darling

Alex Lind - Broken Love

Alice is Sleeping - Over & Over Again

Alice Is Sleeping - Not Cool

Alison Lorraine - Dream

Ali MacQueen - Loretto

All Good Things - For The Glory

Alli Starr -Situationship

Alli Starr - More

All Lite Lies - We'll Be Fine

Ally Cribb - Creep

Ally Venable - Nowhere to Hide

Alright - Lover's Game

Alright - Rat Race 

Amanda Bay - Prisoner

Amelia Coburn - Dublin Serenade

Amelia Colburn - Perfect Storm

Amie Scheital - Dusty Diamond

Amie Scheital - Knew You Wouldn't Stay

American Greed - Together

Ameri Shaye - Rescue Me

Amethysts - Imitate Me

Amy Daniels - Virtual Reality

Ana Soklic - Amen

Analogue Electronic Whatever - Hole

Analogue Electronic Whatever - Different World ( Back to Bed ))

Andie - Do It To Myself

Andrea - I Don't Know Your Name

Andrea - Talk To Me

Andrae Carter - In This World

Andy & Adele - Misty Eyes

Andy Susemihl - Another Day Another Turn

Angie - Reach For The Stars

Anna Wells - My Own Way

Annemarie Percino - Colour Blind

Anything But Human - Move On

Aoibheann Carey Philpott - Beginning of the End

Apache Rose - Easy

Araya - Color Palette

Arnar Dor - Carolyn

Artic Lights - King of America

Artic Lights - Drifting

Artic Lights - Intertwine

Artie Ziff - Futile

As December Falls - I Don't Feel Like Feeling Great

Ask Carol - Darkest Hour

Aubrey Straw v Sound Egg - Familiar Faces v Crystal Vision

Auntie G - Come Take My Hand

Auntie G - Halfway Life

Auntie G - Streets of Nashville

Autogramm - No Rules

Automatics - Irish Blessing

AVA  - Wildflowers

AV Supersunshine - Super Cool

AV Supersunshine - A Wedding Song

Aye - Impossible to Possible

Bad Actress - Hellbound

Back & Fourth & Disclaimer - Free

Backshore - Starter Jacket

Bad Actress - No Vacancies In Hell

Barbara Borgelin - No Honey

Bards of Antiquity - Dream Traveler

Barry Alexander King - Strange World

Barry Noakes - A New Dawn

Basic Television - Creeper

Bassrunner - All Thoughts

Bedcover Scene - Rain

Bekah - Stronger

Bethy - Melodies of A Broken Heart

Betty Harper -Blood is Thicker Than Alcohol

Between Road - Blue Eyes

Big Deal Bills Dream -  Girls

Big Jim Davis - You Can Never Go Back To Where You've Been

Big Motor Gasoline - BYOT

Billy Mick - The Tourist

Blake Sonnet - You Don't Let My Light In

Blanks - What You Do To Me

Blitz Union - Plastic

Blitz Union - Not Proud

Bobby & The Crew - Robot Maureen

Bo Sutcliffe - Running Man

Bone Broke Kings - Emily Rose

Bonnie Legion & Wav  Dr - Speakeasy

Bonze - Jenny ( Can You Hear Me )

Bossa Bandits - Memories Are Kind

Boxteles - You Can't Fall In Love For The Sake Of It

Brad Curtis - I Saw You

Bradley Campling - Till The End

Branded Human - Water

Branded Human - Picture This

Brayden Alexander - Queen

Brayden Alexander - Karma

Breantonia - All In

Brendan McMahon - Sugar Cane Man

Brian McKell - Smile

Briana Dinsdale - Ball & Chain

Buel - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Caffeine - Consolation Prize

Cage 923 - And Vanessa Cries

Cairo Beats - Don't Trip

Calling All Astronauts - Resist

Calling All Kings - As Long As You Love Me

Callum Jones - Suicide

Carolee Rainey - Anchor

Caroline Jones - Intimacy

Caroline Kreutzberger - Lets Get Together

Carolyn Walden - Be Careful Who You Follow

Carrington Macduffie - Sweet Little Mystery

Carrington Macduffie - Baby Played Me

Carson Janik -  Better Than That

Caitie Waters - Crazy

Celavi - Stain

Celine Ellis - Too Late

Chaos Rising - Lost

Charles Boulevard - The Sun Is Rising

Charlie Kullis Band - Hotel Room

Charlotte Young - Whiplash

Charlotte Young Ft Georgia Nevada - On The Loose

Charu Suri - Seasons

Chasing Records - Who's Lonely Now

Chasing Shadows - Runaways

Cherry - My Little Monster

Cherry Troupers - Their Game

Cherry Troupers - Abandoned

Chinelo - Shake Shore

Chloey Rose - Hearts On The Line

Chloey Rose - Sky Is Falling

Chris Andreucci - Here Comes The Rain

Chris Milo -  Poisoned Love

Chris Pellnat - Stupid Child

Chris Wesson - Where Are You

Chrizz Morrison & Marco Skye - Back To Your Heart

Ciroyelle - Fighter

Cities In Dust - The Chaotic Shop

City Blue - Alayna

Clareciel - The Way I Am

Claudia Campagnol - Abracadabra

Claudia Campagnol - Do You Love Me ( Dance Edit )

Clay Soldiers - Ghost

Clayton Saunders - The Marriage Box

Cloverhill - Chaos

Cloverhill - I Will Set Me Free

Cloverhill - Leaves A Scar

Cloverhill - House of Pain

Cloverhill - Losing My Mind

Cloverhill - Radio

Colin Clyne - Dunnottar Skies 

Collars - Hey Lizzie Lay It On Me

Colm Gavin - Your Little Corner of the Moon

Colm Gavin - Since Baby Went Away

Concrete Kingdoms - Awake

Control The Storm - Desire

Core - Save Me

Core Brow Obles - He Doesn't Deserve You

Corners of Sanctuary - We All Shall Fall

Corrina Taylor - Blue Card

Corvus & The Morning Star - Shipman Blues

Council - All For You

Council - Born Ready

Council - Faded Purple

Council - Get Numb

Council - Savages

Cowtown Records - Leave Me Behind

Cowtown Records - My Life Is A Lie

Crash Kid - Icon

Crash Wednesday - Shooting Star

Crazy at B - Patience

Crimson Medici - Conscience

Cronin - Bank of Love 

Crossover - Rain

Cross City Union - Turning Pages

Crystal Nicole - My People

Daddy The Muse - Pour Me

Dai Williams & 505 Friends - Witches

Dai Williams & 505 Friends - Over The Line

Damn Vandels - They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon

Damo & the Dynamites - My Hot Rod Honey

Danial Wesley Africa - Go Get It Girl

Daniel James - Set Your Spirit Free

Danny Lag & The Looks - Don't Keep Me Guessin

Darrell Kelley - Kamala Kamala

Darren Holmes - Dream Big

Davie Fury - Flames on the River

Davie Fury - Just Like The Wind

Daveyhub ft Stick Up Boys - Lavender

DBL X- Posure - You Know Where To Find Us

Dead Crow Road - She's Mine

Dead Crow Road - Radar Love

Dead Menance - Good Year

Dead Reynolds - Bright Lights

Death by Whisky - Amorous You

Deebo Mac - For The Culture

Deli Row - Good Trouble

Demolition Amore - Bloodshot Eyes

Destiny Returns - Pura Vida

Dickensian - Lockdown

Dman - I Love Rhymes

Dman - This Road

Der Mist - It's Alright

Dee Rovk ft Michell Leigh - Bite Em Right Back

De Wallen - Loveless

Distant Images - The Winter

Distant Images - Echoes

Divided Truth - Damage

Divinity Rise - Billie Jean

D J Breathtaker - I Don't Know

DJ Spandex - City Nights

Dhany - Now & Evermore

Dizmation - Still

D J Highlanders - Donegal

D'Lemor - Shine

Doctors of Madness - Walk of Shame 

Dom Cotton - Get Me Out of Here

Don Morrison - Partner In Crime

Don Sprik & Freewheelin - Freewheelin

Dora Lachaise - I Confess

DorianzRock - Long Time Ago

Downtown Mystic - Hard Enough

Drake Jensen - Never Surrender

Dramascream - Turn

Dres - Darling

Drew Blank Music - I Am

Drowned Out - Bang Bang

Duncan C - Playing with my Heart

Duncan C - Pure Emotion

Duncan C - The Sceptic

Dutch Criminal Record -  00'S Nostalgia

E Clips - Racism Out

Edward  L Wainright - Alone

Elizmi - Hypnotise Ya 

Elles Bailey - Love is Gonna Win

Ellison - Sing

Ellison - 2021

Ellison - Whatever u Want

EM - Opening Night -Short Story

Embarcadero - Chasing You Around

Embercadero - Tele Flop

Emma Campbell - Understand

Emma Goldberg - And I Want You

Emma Goldberg - My American

Emma Moore - Husbands or Kids

Emma Moore - Blinded

Emma Pyle - Party on A Houseboat

Emma Pyle - Spotlight on the Weekend

Emcee Rad - Self Aware

Emily Callacher - Run

Emily Callacher - Fragments

Emodulari - Craniotomy

Emme - Lentino

Emmy Kelly - The Thought

Emperors and Angels - Signal The Brave

Emperor of Ice Cream - Overflow

Emperor of Ice Cream - Puerile

Engines Made From Soup - Vacate

Eric & The Soo - She's Older Than Me

Eric Vale - I Don't Care

Eric Vale - Saying Goodbye

Eric Vale - Your Demise

Estelle - California Star

Ethan Gold - Alexandria & Me

Evelyn Laurie - Close Your Eyes

Everreal - When Your Gone

Ex Copycat - Quarantined

Excorde - Just For Today

Fabian Lecomte - Il Dessine du Sourire

Factory - Free & Easy

Factory - Dreams of Home

Faith Head - Freak Show

Falling Nine - Fox on the Run

Famous Phrases -Repent

Fanni Mayer - FYLIU

Fatality - The Lesson

Fatality - Saviours

Felix Saunders - King of Nothing

Fendahlene - Cookie Cutter Life

Feral Ghost - Roll The Dice

Fields of Dawn - On The Way Back

Firehill - Believe

Firehill - Somebody's Bitch

Fire Up The Sun - The Great Reset

Fishing 4 Compliments - Drunken Tree

Fishing 4 Compliments - Tomorrow Who Knows

Fishing 4 Compliments - Your Not The Only One

Fisj - Mellow Moon

Flight of Icarus - Our Burning Star

Flight of Icarus - Cleo

Flight of Icarus - Fly Away

Flip Coins - The Birdman

Follow Deep - Break These Chains

Fonz Tramontano - Tonight

Fonz Tramontano - Get Down ft P Wasy

Fonz Tramontano - Feel The Rhythm

Force It - Were Riding

For King & Country - Amen

Fourth Son South - Positive

Fractured Masses - Still Riden

Frankie Pineapple - Evil Love

Fritz Khan & The Miracles - Rita

Furthermuckers - Hey You

Furthermuckers - Mandy

Furthermuckers - Old But Still Handsome

G3Mini with Aaron Pfeiffer - Savage

Gallagher - Company Man

Gale Scott - Mr Loverman

Gammer, Henry Fong - The Feeling

Garrett - To The Island

Garrett -  Save Your Love

Geo Moods & Not Now Norman - Run Boy ( No Longer )

Grateful Pirate - Overture

Ghosts of Men - Tell Me Why

Gillian Boughey - Not Made Enough

Glad Condor - In Our Hearts

Glad Condor - Under the Moonlight 

Glass Heart - Better Off This Way

Glen McCrary - Positivity

Glytch - Wake Me Up

God Damn Smile - Hindsight

God's Elect - All It Takes Is One

Gordon Taggart - Be The One's

Graham Bodenham - What Would I Do

Grand Splendid - You Are The Universe

Gravity Machine - She's Calling Me Home

Greenshine - Major Rift

Greer Baxter - Sleeping on the Couch

Gregg Clifford - Long Lost Friend

Greg Paquette - Into the Sunset

Greg Paquette - Swing

Greta Isaac - Pessimist

Greta Isaac - Like Me

Greye - I Don't Mind

Gulf Stream Riders - Those In The Know

Gurli Octavia - X Ray

H27 - The Soulless Highway

H-Killa - God Can You Tell Me Why

Ha Ha Ha - The Turing Test

Hadrians Union - Oh Louise

Hanna Barakat - Cycle

Hana Irene - Atmosphere 

Hannya White - Be My Friend

Harlow Lake - Bell & Jewell

Hausers - Phoung Mai

Hautron ft Sav -  Nevermore

Hawke the Band - Pinch Me

Hazel Mcquade - It Ain't Me

Hazey - Kimberley

HD Bradley - One Day

Healthy Junkies -  Streets of Olympia

Hegarty - The Cloudwalker

Hell's Oasis - Is That All You Got

Hellz- We want Rock

Hellz - Live A Lie

Henrikes - Vintage Love

Heron Valley -Erie

Hicktown Breakout - Get Your Boots On

Highfront - They Cut You Down

Hitbox Music ft Katie Coleman - Ready For The Fame

HogNox - When I'll Be Gone

Hugo's Will - She Goes For The Throat

Hollow Body Experience - So Heavy

Hollywood Nightmare - Slow Motion

Honey & Eve - I Speak Through Storms

Honeypot - Shut Your Mouth

Hook - Best Days

Horizon's Edge - Holding Out For A Hero

House of Peace - Love Is A Flame

Human Electrical Resource - Life

Human Electrical Resource - White Light

Hyppodrome - Before the Dark

Ian Gommersall - Backs Against The Wall

I Fight Fail - Here

Igor Anicic - We Got To Stay Together

Indiana - Small Town Girl

Indie Butterflies Dream - Lockdown World

Indie Butterflies Dream - Easy

India Dupriez - Holding On

Indigo Road - Nirvana

INNA - Flashbacks

HSTR - Time & I

Intelligent Diva - Not Making Love 

Interstate Drive - Mirror Mirror

Interstitium - Shotdown

Iota Phi - Wolves Mate For Life

Ivan Comar & Gabriele Saro - Beautiful Stranger

Ivory Lake - Pillows

Ivory Tower Project - Burning

J Young Ft Seven - She's A Thriller

Jack Gill - With Me

Jack Hyphen - Second Wave

Jack Phillips - I Love New York

Jack Rose - Rockstar

Jade Moss - Hey Babe

Jake Morrell - This House

Jake Newby - Lightshow

James Ethington 111 - Becca

Jamie Jamal - Gone So Quickly Without Goodbye

James V Cockerham ft Alayna G - Winner

Jane Spencer Rolfe - Old World News

Jaap Stamina ft Danny Dyer - Feel the Music 

Jaxx & G - Smile

Jay Luke - Killing Time

Jay'e R - Crazy For You

Jay'e R - Getaway

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer - Paper Doll

Jenny Colquitt - Lifeboat

Jenny Colquitt - True To Me 

Jenny Colquitt - Captain Thomas Moore

Jensen David - 4 Leaf Clover

Jerry Hull - Shout Fire

Jerry Hull - Antoinette

Jerry Hull - What In The World

Jerry Hull - Working For the FBI

Jerry Hull - 1969 Mexico Connection

Jerry Hull - Victim of Circumstance

Jerry Hull - When I Look Into Your Eyes

Jerry Willis - Always One Layout

Jessie Read - Whole Heart

Jesse Xavier - Goodbye

Jesse Xavier - What A Country Girl Can Do

Jewelia - Is This World Mine

Jimena Arroyo - Candle & Spark

Jimena Arroyo - Lullaby

Jim Knable & The Randy Bandits - I Am Not A Bad Guy

Jimy Bishop - Take It To The Streets

J.R.Wilbur - Pictures of Libby

Jocelien - Beautiful Heart

Jodie Smith - Like Dave Says

Joe Matera - Only One

Joe Peacock - Never Too Far Away

John Carr - Never Let Me Down

John Cells - Chemical Reaction Remix

JONATHAN - Life Is Like A Promise

Jon Meadows - Take Me Home 

Johnny & the Box - Breathe

Johnny & the Box - Once in your Lifetime

Johnny & The Box - Lie To Me

Johnny Poe - Stranger Girl

Jonny Ong - Wishful Thinking

Jon R Garey - It Means So Little

Jona Mills - Nivation

Jordan Dean - Local

Josh Holmes - Juice It Up

Joshwa - Love Somebody

J P Riley  - 23rd April

Judge Silver - Jessica 481

Judith Haustein - Freeze

Julie Tuzet  - Tarde 

Jump The Fall - Terrible Lie

Just Jack - Grateful

Jovnn - London

JP Riley - 23rd April

K Britz - Kind

Kaiser & The Machines of Creation - Who Decides

Kam Singh - Heartbeat

Kara Marni - Trippin

Karobela - Candy

Karen Harding & Shift K3Y - Morning

Karen McDawn - What Love Looks Like

Karma Surround - Stars of the Last Magnitude

Katchafire - Circle Back

Katie Kittermaster - Lukewarm Lover

Katie Kittermaster - Friends

Katz - The Last American Virgin

Kate Daniel - White Chalk

Kavanagh - Citizen 202

Katye Kellye & The Interuption - Stop The Clock

Keir - Paranoid

Keiran Lancini - I Need You

Keiran Lancini - Hail Mary

Keith Shaw - Inside

Kelsey Bovey - 30% Spirit

Kelsey Bovey - Another Word

Kelsey Bovey  - Told Me The Truth

Kenny Hughes -  19.20

Kenny McPartland - Nostalgia Isn't What It Was

Kenny McPartland - Shaken Not Stirred

Keybone - Your Number One

Khalia - Free

Kheops One Ft Ailyn Mondragon - Prisoner

Kheops One - Out of the Blue

Kiddo - My 100

Killing Kenny - Soul Find a Way

Killing Kenny - 4th of July

Killing Kenny - We Stand Together

Killing Stars -  You In Space

Killing Stars -  Zombie Girl

Kimbo Nice - Wimble Done

King Book - Why Do You Hate

King Queen - Roller Coaster

King Queen - Live It Up

King Voodoo - Raise Your Hands

Kinstrife - Slow & Easy

Kiron Reed Ft Leah Rich - Ask About Me

Kissangwa - Keep That Joy

Kris Anders - Shattered 

Krozover - Stranger 

Ktee - Push & Pull

Kyle Elliot - Empty

Lacombo Jones - Pretty Nepa

La Di Da - Honeyl

Lajze - Don't Wake Me Up

Lajze - Mine 

La Legacie - Darkness of Light

La Legacie - Samedi Soir

La Legacie - Dinner

Laura Mulcahy - The Ballad of Lucy Sands

Lavender Galaxy - Running On My Mind

Lawsuit - Skin To Win

Learning To Dive - Tainted

Leif Coffield - Say My Name

Lethave Plank - Mantle Plume

Lethave Plank - Orogenic House

Let Man Loose - Victory Lap

Liberty's Exiles - Don't Give Up On Me

Lifes Mistakes - Believe In Me

Lighthouse Joe - Pleasure from your Pain

Lighthouse Joe - Cabin Fever

Linda Aka Sand - Naked

Lisa T - A Year Too Long

Live Perry - 2020/21

Live Perry - Missing You Lately

Live Perry - I Wonder

Live Perry - No One Came Close

Lola Lennox - La La Love Me

Lola Lennox - Wherever You Go

Lohrd Snohw - Bleach

Lobepine - I Don't Care

Lorraine Nash - Winter Sun

Lossline - Streetlights

Love & Rage - Nothing Like Love

Lovey Dove - Good Leash

Luke Purdie - Ain't Down South

Lucky 757 - Common Ground

Luckie Boy - Hourglass

Luna Scott Russell - Let's Get Together

Lyn Rajah - Americana

Lyn Rajah - Beyond the Galaxy

Lyon Tide - Closure





Mad Wet Sea - Free

Mac & Sprout - Cry From My Soul

Macy Dot - Hot Mess

Mad Haven - Never Too Late

Mad Wet Sea - Nightfall

Magdalena Meisel - The Look of Love

Magpie Sally - Blues in the Attic

Magpie Sally - Sing To Me Mama

Magpie Sally - The Devils Whisper

Malcolm Macwatt - People Are Cruel

Malcolm Macwatt - Three Hours After Midnight

Malmo - No Dreams

Malmo - No Words

Major Movement - No Fear

Making Zombies - My Kind of Chaos

Manon L - Surfing the Flame

Man & Boy - 1996

Man & Boy - Adelaide

Marathon 85 - Sorry

Marco Pernice - Alien

Marene - Something Out There

Marie Nordman - Back Again

Marina Kaye - Seven Billion

Marina Lecomber - Wild Animal

Marina Lecomber - My Window

Marlon Cherry - Sexy

Martin Harich - Simple Song

Martin Wardley - Make This Count

Marveline - Our Parade

Mary Jane's Affair - 123

Mask - Smiling Assasins

Mastesy - Feeling Low

Mati Miro - Heaven

Matt Boydston - Somewhere Over Jameson

Matt Finucane - A Friend From Faraway

Matt Long & The Revenant - Have My Say

Matt Peach - Cut Our Teeth

Matt Springfield - Haunted

Matt Springfield - Poplife

Matty O - Ballad of A Rockstar

Mauvey -The Ish

Max M Ft Chris Willis - If This Is What It Feels Like

Max Restaino - Girl of My Dreams

Mayo - Just Say 

Maze - In My Mind

Mazzseed ft  Miss Molly - Strange Love

Meek - Live & Not Die

Megan L Devine - Realistic

Megan Wheeler - Replaced

Melanie Masson - Seasons

Melle - Running Out of Time

Men Without Qualities - Beliefs

Men Without Qualities - World of the Rising Son

Mercury Rising - Runaway

Merilyn Steele - I Deserve This 

Merry Hell - Three Little Lions

Michel - Emma Prominent

Michael Cunningham - 1000 Clocks 

Mickalyn  - I Love You Too Much

Mike Ryan - Heroes

Mikey Hampton & The Meows - Victoria

Miles & The Chain Gang - All of Our Lives

Miles & The Chain Gang - Drag Me To The Light

Milkyway Speedlimit - Friends

Milliel - The Good Past ft Alacantis

Mind if I Stay - Close To Me

Mind if I Stay - I'm Fine

Mirror Stories - Fear of Joy

Mika Mamon ft Saviboy - Never Give Up

Milliel - The Good Past ft Acalantis 

Minna Ora - Sea

Miriam Wakes - I'll Be Your Witness

Mirror Stories - Home

Mirror Stories - Fear of Joy

Misty Shape - The World Going to Hell

Mlau - A Queen with No Head

Mo Dalis - Keep It Rockin

Model Society - I Spy

Modern Mimes - Face Down

Molly Maguires - Hey Boyo

Molly Maguires - Soul Searching 

Monique Barry - Coyote

Moods - Sinner ft Nic Hanson

Morgan Wallen - More than my Home Town

Mr Goaty - I'm Falling

Moule - Duck Army

Murder By Love - Send Me An Angel

Mutant Thoughts - Hold On

My Kind of Chaos - Calm Down Karen

My Kind of Chaos - Down The River

My Kind of Chaos - Making Zombies

Myoon - Jump

Mystery Rose - Stability

Natalie - Primal

Nathan Bryans - Doves Amost Pigeons

New Terminal Boy - Angry Young Men

New Terminal Boy - Maelstrom

Nia Nichols - Cali Beaches

Nickita - Breathe Again

Nikita Skogen - I'm My Own Person

Nick Duane - Birthday Greetings 

Nigel Purcell Trio - Jones 1

Night Teacher - Rececca's Song

Niva - Rise Up Again

Nomad Anthem - Wake Up Call

Non Talkers - Pendulum of Time

Non Talkers - You Don't Feel Ashamed

No Serial Killer - Emotions

No Serial Killer - Make It Beautiful

​No Serial Killer  - Tell Me

No Serial Killer - The Sweetest Cyborg

No Serial Killer - Summer

No Serial Killer - Deep in my Heart

No Serial Killer - Were All Going 2 Die

No Serial Killer - I Cry

No Serial Killer - Android Means Business

No Serial Killer - In the USA

Nostalgia Deathstar - Europa Dystopia 

Not Now Norman - Little Frankenstein

Nova Omega - Blinded

Nyah - Slowly Dying

Ny'a - National Fraud Day

Old Man Soul Club - Two Into One

Olv Benson - Lose You

Olya K - Hollywood 

Olya K  - Waking Up In Nashville

One Morning in August - Get It Right

Openwave - Lockdown

Orange Bloom ft EM - Pause Time

Orange G - Orion's Eye

Orange G - Echoes in The Park

Original Quigley - The Place That We Know

Original Quigley - At Least

Original Quigley - I Wonder What It's Like On Mars

Orson's Well - Verve 2021

Oui Plastique - Failure

Out of  Darkness - Think Again

Padsr - On The Waves

Papa Roach  - The Ending

Pam Jackson - Every Other Woman Any Other Man

Pamela Ruby Russell - Space & Time

Pamela Ruby Russell - Walk Thru Fire

Pamela Sue Mann - I Want Your Soul

Parka - You To Know

Passenger - What Your Waiting For

Paul Arris - Dominion

Pauley Lane Band - Come Pick Me Up

People of Maha - Darling

Perry Ripley - Uh Huh

Phil Kavanagh - The Blue Sky Will Shine

Phil Mitchell Band - My Love is True

Phillip Jarrell - Life Has Got To Get Better

Pier Lights - Do You Dance Alone

Piqued Jack - Fire Brigade

Pirra - Corneto

Pistols at Dawn - Crown

Plastic Tears - Riot Zone

Plush - Hate

Porn - Burned But Not Consumed Pt 1

Posh - Queen of the Night

Pretty Babs - Revolution in the Head

Prime - Bye Bye

Prince DNF - Trust Me Baby

Project Blackbird - If This Is The End

Pryma - Masquerade

Pulse Park - Appolonian Heart

Pulse Park - Equidistance

Punchlove - In Reverse

Pure Obsession Red Nights - Wolf Children

Pyjama Planet - Storm The Gates

Quiet the Art - And The Rains Came

Quiet the Art - Don't Give Up Hope

RAE - Not Your Love 

Raised By Wolves - The Rest Of My Life

Racyne Parker  - I'll Keep You

Ragsy - The First Time

Ragsy - Under Clear Skies

Ralph Comfort - For You My Endless Dreams

Ralph Comfort - I'll Fall Out of The Sun

Ralph Comfort - It's My Song For You

Rapz - Doing My Thing

Rapz BickNix & YR - Jungle

Rashed  The Blues Kid - One Room

Rashed  The Blues Kid - Singing The Blues

Rav Medic - Rise Again

Raw Soul Express - The Fate of The World

ReaLation - Not Meant For Me

Red Ant Band - Love Is All That Will Matter

Red Ant Band - Hot Nights

Red Iris - Moonlight

Red Iris - Stay

Red Iris - Arise

Regi Weking - Hello My Darling

Rene Byrd - Born Again

Renaissance Rock Orchestra - In My Lovin Arms

Repulsion-  I'm Going on a Date

Revivalry - Shame On You

Rhabstallion - Never Say Never 

Richard Marc - Put It In A Postcard

Rick Emberle - I'm On A High

Ricky Boy - Stranger On A Shore

Rielle - Nightfall

Riff Reign - Rock n Roll Guitar Man

Riley Whittacker - Miles

Rivita - Lonely With Someone

Robyn Ferguson - Grey

Rockower - Big Money

Rockower - It's OK But It's Never Enough

Rojor - Caught In Her Fire

Rojar - I Am You And You Are Me

Rojar - Walk In My Shoes

Rolando Poulis - Radio Grrrr

Ron Gither - In Love

Rose Rose - Pressure

Roxen - Amnesia

Royzy Rothschild ft Miss Stylie -  Heeney In My Cup and I'm  Feeling Fine

Rozalla - I Feel It Slipping Away

Rozell - Fever

RPN - I Forgot My Mask

Rumara - Storm

Russell Oliver Stone - Full House

Ryan Valenzuela - Catch The Fade

Sabina Chantouria - Fire & Flame

Sabina Chantouria - Spiderweb

Sabi Pitt - Change The World

Sanntah Lumii - Praying

Say Yes Do Nothing - Hum of the Machine

Sally Rose - Illusion

Sally Rose - Never Satisfied

Samantha Harvey - Don't Call It Love 

Samantha Lindo - Lights Go Out

Sam & Sounds - Silly

Sam & Sounds - Weird Day

Samora - When I Say So

Saturn Saturn Saturn - The State We're In

Saxon Jenkins - I Watch Too Much TV

Say Yes Do Nothing - Lockdown

Scott & Maria - Mother Calls

Scott Winder - The Remedy

Selina Hawker - Counting The Stars

Sensey - Hibiscus

Sentini - I'm Still in Love

Sepsiss - You Already Know 

Sex Martian - Know

Shadow Bones - Our Story

Shadow Smile - Marionnette

Shadow Smile - Join Us

Shaun Tobar - Eyes Wide Open

Shaun Tobar - Shadows

Saxon Jenkins - I Watch Too Much TV

Shedonist - Daddy

Shimmer Johnson - Never Be The Same

Shimmer Johnson - Priceless

Shimmer Johnson - Masterpiece 

Shine - Bring Me Back That Feeling

Sickabell - A Nightmare While Awake

Side Project - It's Not A Title It's A Label

Siggie the Vintage Man - Buyers Remorse

Silent Stranger - Make Way For The Ladies

Silva - Julio's Lament

Smitz the Monkey Kid - 

Simon Talbot - I Can't Runaway

Simon Talbot - Walking Away From Me

Simon Talbot - Out Of My Mind

Sin 7 - Danger Zone

Single by Sunday - Helter Skelter

Sira - Forever

Sira Garcias - Corruption

Sirroco - Be My Saturday

Sisa Me ft Jessica McIntyre - Bitter Recognize

SkindNbones - There's Reason

Skinny Knowledge - Keep Me Out Of It

Skylar Neveah - Sick Without You

Slerdpink - Abacus

Smash Into Pieces - Arcadia Remix

Smash Into Pieces - Real One

Smash Into Pieces - My Wildest Dreams

Smash Into Pieces - Bangarang 

Smiz the Money Kid - I Think I Found A Way

Sol Brothers & Marcella Woods - Break of Dawn

Somber Mercy - Voodoo

Sonic Octane - The Reckoning

Sonz of Thunder UK  - House Party

Soundstairs - If You Want My Love

Standing Like Statues - Skylines

Stefania - Last Dance

Stella Prince - Before You Leave 

Stephen McClaren - Put Me On The Television

Steve Boltz & Dead Man's Curve -  Weatherman

Steve Michels - Please

Sonar Red - Ground Beneath Our Feet

Sonia Linares - Ended

Soul Sonic - Rise

Smokey Danger - Dear God

Space Traffic - Time Machine

Specky Cult - Phoney Tony

Spendoe - Smiles & Cries

Spinno Letta - You

Steve Heathcock - England Forever

Stefen Elefteriu - Lonely Alien

Stephanie Caprara - Let Me Know

Stephanie Lea - Pit of Hell

Steve Michels - Please

Stick Up Boys & Tripjacker - Brand New World

Stick Up Boys ft Phil Saatchi - Letters

Storm of Crows - You Decide

Strange Circuits - Something Different

Sugartown Slim -  On Top of the World

Sunday Hats - Raindrops

Supermercados - Revelations & Revolutions

Surfin Dead - Old

Surviving September - Prey

Susie Kimber - Don't Wait 

Swabian Beatz & Lollies -  Mississippi 

Sweet Divergence - Do We Rise

Talk Universe - Let's Get Going

Talon David - Not My Problem

Tamar Berk - In The Wild

Tamar Berk - Skipping The Cracks

Tamara McClain - Candy Lady

Tammi Savoy - Ain't Givin Up Nothin

Tanay Gagrani - True Love

Tasha Blackmore - High Time

Temporary Longterm Position - Force

Tempus Frayed - Be The One 

Tenderhooks - Travelling Underground - 

Texture - Illuminated Manuscript

The Airwaves - Metal Hearts 

The Apocalypse DJ - Alone (Gaming Remix)

The Awkward Silences - Self Made Man

The Big Mackoofy - Hey Big Old Mister

The Big Mackoofy - When The Acid Kicks In

The Blue Shamrocks - Gypsy Time

The Boy From Space - Super Synthetic Computer Pop

The Caught - I'm Caught

The Charlie Kulis Band - Twisted

The Coronation Kings - Waterfall

The Crushing Violets - A Groovy Kind of Love

The Crushing Violets - Embers

The Crushing Violets - Sugar Cookie Sunday

The Dam Renegades - Lost Without Your Love

The Dam Renegades - Tank 

The Daylight Orange - Squeaky Little Disco

The Dead Daises - Chosen & Justified

The Dream Logic - Cisco Kid

The Dulvertons - Could I Be Wrong

The Dulvertons - Young & Foolish

The Empty Mirrors - Alter Ego By Night

The Empty Mirrors - Kaleidoscope City

The Eskimodes - Your All Mine 

The Fabulous Red Diesel - Butterfly Mind

The Far North - Branches

The Gary Summers Band - One In A Million

The Ghost Tapes - Always

The Ghost Tapes - Rules Riot

The Ghost Tapes - When Matches Fail

The Grasscutters - Get Gone

The Hellfreaks - Doldrum Dynasty

The Hellfreaks - Red Sky Acoustic Version

The Hermits - Weight of the World

The High Sultans - Missing You

The Howlers - I Don't Love You

The Indigo Rising - No Sound

The Indigo Sunsets - Raging Warerfall

The Indigo Sunsets - Last Man Standing

The Indigo Sunsets - Where Did It All Go Wrong

The Jailbirds - I Will Move On

The Jobs - The Sunrise Over The Hill

The Jobs - Transmission Radio

The Jujubes - Change is Coming

The Jujubes - Where Are We Now

Théa Marie- The Start of Us

The 95 Allstars - These Words

The Jamie Porter Band - Save Me

The Kaisans - Fallout

The Kaisans - Left Hand Side

The Kaisans - You

The Last Element - Cut It Off

The Lemon Suits - On Your Side

The Lost Boy - Erudite

The Lovedogs - C'mon Baby

The Marvin Dee Band - Step Back 

The Mayers - Lullaby For The World

The Mayors - Moonshine

The Metal Byrds - Dark Highway

The Metal Byrds - Dreamin

The Metal Byrds - Impossible

The Metal Byrds - Tell Me

The Metal Byrds - Spitfire Pete

The Missing Frets - Nothing In Between

The Nigel Purcell Trio - Non Essential

The Nova Fiends - Never Surprised

The Ocean Majestic - Everyone Speeds on the Turnpike

The Pauley Lane Band - Radio

The Philip Vince Band - I Need A Hero

The Polites - Sunshine Road

The Pros - Will Will Advertise Your Beer

The Red Ant Band - Dead On My Feet

The Remus Tucker Band - Come On

The Remus Tucker Band - Lonely Mile

The Reverent Cavaliers - I Gotta Tell Ya

The Reverent Cavaliers - Freedom

The Rising - Dawn of the Rising

The Screens - Velvet Sun

The Shook - Unblind

The Shop Window - Out of Reach

The Sole Majors - Solitary Cell

The Sole Majors - Ghosts

The Southern Gothic - Classic

Some Rise Some Fall - Funny Time Of  Year

The Standouts - What it Does To You

The Stank Brothers - Scratch It

The Static Satellites - The Symphony

The Station - Start Again

The Sunbirds- Meet You on the Northside

The Suicide Notes - Take A Bullet

The Superlatives - Waste My Time

The Superlatives - Gypsy Fighter

The Superlatives - Sonder

The Survival Code - Magnetic

The Tenderhooks - Stellar Heartbeat

The Terror Adaptors - Dance of The Tap Demon

The Tremaines - Younger Every Day

The Underclass Academy - It Is What It Is

The Unknown Brothers - All for Show

The Vesuvian - The Inside of My Eyelids

The Voltz - Calling On You

The Wainstones - Bouncing Off The Walls

The Watchmakers - Clover

The Western Country Band -  Little Love Song

The West Wickhams -Who's Out There

The Winchester 7 & The Runners - When The World Stops Spinning 

The Wonderful Nonsense - I Fell

The Violence - Blame the Sacred

The Zeta Plan - Across The Stars

The Zeta Plan - Sail Away

This Lonely Stage - Discretion

This Way North - Not Defined

Thieves of Liberty - Mr Illusions

Tigress - Choke

Timecode - Never Understood Women

Time to Act - Hope

Tinkers Lane  - Honey Honey

Toby & Pip - New Year

Tholas P- Such Fine People

T J Roberts - Boy Without A Band

Tod Almond - Start Again

Tobisonic - Military Industrial Complex

Tobisonic & Costi - Eye of the Storm

Toby & Pip - Little Lady

Toke - I Don't Know

Together Country - I Won't Forget You

Tom O'Sullivan - Lullaby My Baby 

Tommy Rice - Constantly  On My Own

Tone Locked - Gone South

Toni Land - Crazed & Dazed

Toni Land - Hip Hip Hurray

Tony & Una - Drive Through The Night

Tony & Una - Lion Tiger & Bear 

Tony Michael Ellis - You

Torment of Gloom - Winter

Tortured Demon - Cold Blood

Track Dogs - Meet Me In The Middle

Trenched - Loud & Clear

Trixstar - Satisfy Me

Trixstar - Love 

Troubled County - Oradour

Troy Bentley - Headlock

TSL - Tears or Champagne

Tujamo - I Don't Wanna Go

Tu Kay & Ryan - What Comes Next

Twampy - Older Than Elvis

Two Till Twelve - Lost at 21

Under Neon - Passion & Poison

Urania - Holographic Principle

Vangelis Polydorou - Throw Me

Van Ray - Debts To Pay

Velinski - Freedom

Venus Fly Trap - Achilles  Heel

Vernons Future - B Movie

Vernons Future - Waiting At The Station

Vernons Future - I Just Can't Help Myself

Vinyl  Arch Rodeo - See The Sun

Victoria Hoffman - Hopeless Love 

Vissia - On My Mind

Vix 20 - Broken Melody

Voldo - Big Ina

Voodoo Moonshine - Locked & Loaded

Voodoo Town - Fly

Vox Jane - Something Beautiful

Voyce Butler -  Stay

VSTRS 3 - She Is Made of Stars

Wavewulf - Waverunner Symphoney

Waves of Soul - Go To Sleep

White Collar Sideshow - My Warped Places

Whizz For Atoms - Touch With Love

Wht.rbbt.obj - Jolene's Reply

Wild Horse - The Movies

Wild Horse - Eager

Wilkie Hill - Funk Directors

Willie Campbell - Soundtrack to the Life We Leave Behind

Wonderboy - See Me

Wyatt Pauley - Selfish Sucker

Wyatt Pauley - Your So Beautiful

Wyn Starks - Circles 

X-Perience - Never Look Back

Yard of Blondes - Hummingbird

Yesterday's Gone - Break Me 

Yesterday's Gone - This Is Rock n Roll

Z317 - Mirror Mirror

Zachariahs - My Darling Moon

Zebra - Sorry Mum

Ziggy Alberts - Letting Go

Below is the playout history of the station over the past seven days .

Contact us to let us know which songs you like and we will increase the playout rotation.

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